Vollrath 120V Induction Range - 59510P

Vollrath 120V Induction Range - 59510P


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Features G4 engine, using four IGBTs so the workload is shared across four parallel switches increasing efficiency and longevity. 100 power levels for precise cooking control. Temperature Mode: Settings of 80°-400°F (27°-204°C). Power Mode: Power level settings 1-100 with approximate temperature of 80°F to 525°F (27°C to 274°). 

Knob control with digital readout makes settings quick and clear. Digital troubleshooting display. Stainless case top and aluminum bottom. Low-profile, modern case design. Bright LED digital readout. Temperature memory - powers up to the last used temperature setting. 100% framed ceramic top for durability. "Hot" warning display for safety.