Our Knife and Slicer Services

Knife Rental Sharpening

Nella Cutlery offers the most all inclusive service for restaurants, hotels, food markets or any institutions that use knives. With Nella you can always have that sharp top quality cutlery at your finger tips. Use Nella's exchange program and you'll never spend time sharpening knives and exposing your employees to the hazard of dull knives.

It Makes Sense on Your Bottom Line

The Nella Cutlery Exchange Program will mean greater savings for you. Savings that will improve your profit picture because you won't be buying and discarding expensive cutlery.

A Service Designed for Your Operation

On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, our drivers stop at your location to exchange each knife for a sharp, clean piece of cutlery.

Meat Grinder Plates

Nella Cutlery offers a complete rental sharpening service for your grinder plates and knives, exchanged as per your requirements.

Meat Slicer Repair Program

When your slicer breaks down or is in need of repair or sharpening. Nella offers you a replacement slicer while we take your other machine in for repair. We therefore eliminate the cost of service calls. Nella can also set up a meat slicer rental program.


This is what makes Nella Cutlery your number one choice for replacement parts. After all, how many other suppliers have a driver in your neighborhood every week?