SW600 Pass Through Glasswashing Machine

SW600 Pass Through Glasswashing Machine

Moyer Diebel

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Glasswasher, pass-thru, 72"W, left-to-right operation, low temperature chemical sanitizing, approximately (2000) 2-1/2" diameter glasses/hr, 10-1/4" glass clearance, polypropylene conveyor, (3) built-in chemical pumps, fully automatic, cool fresh water rinse, cabinet base with doors, stainless steel construction, 3.0 kW tank heater, NSF, UL, CSA (includes: authorized factory start-up)


  • Injector system allows the use of separate sanitizer and rinse-aid.
  • Precisely calibrated pumps inject the right amount of chemical each time
  • Upper and lower wash and rinse arms ensure complete and proper cleaning action.
  • Fresh, cool water sanitizes glasses in the final rinse so they’re ready for immediate use.

Standard Features

  • 3 built-in chemical dispensing pumps
  • Electric tank heater
  • Built-in controls
  • Upper and lower wash and rinse spray system
  • Stainless steel wash and rinse chamber
  • Polypropylene conveyor
  • Right-to-left and left-to-right operation
  • Two splash curtains 


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