Vacuum Packaging Machines

TURBOVAC (SB306 SB320H SB425H SB415H SB550H SB500 SB800 SB600 Sb1000) Vacuum Packaging Machine

All Turbovac machines are fully automated. The vacuum bag is filled and put in the vacuum chamber. By Pushing down the lid, the chamber is closed and the automated sealing process initiated. First the vacuum pump removes all air from the chamber, then the vacuum bag is sealed and air admitted into the chamber. On completion of the process, the lid automatically opens, after which the vacuum packaged product can be removed.

- additional facilities such as gasflushing, double seal, seal+cutoff, bi-active seal and adjustable airinlet* are available at extra charge
- extra options SB415H and SB425H: 2sealbeams
- extra options SB500 : single seal beam in front, extra deep chamber
- extra options SB800 : different configurations of sealbeams
- extra options SB1000 : automatic lid and/or extra high lid
* adjustable airinlet: the vacuum is released slowly. This reduces creasing of the bags as the vacuumbag gently settles on the product.

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