Electric Slicers

OMAS (H300 H330 H350 H370) Slicing Machine

The OMAS H-series slicing machine is expecially designed to cut fresh meat. Owing to the generous dimensions of the goods holding-table and to the long stroke of the carriage, the slicer OMAS H-series can slice goods of great dimentions. The manual movement of the carriage is made without any effort also when laying very large and heavy pieces of meat. Slicing machine OMAS H-series manufactured in an anodized aluminium alloy, offers the advantage of a easy cleaning, and a perfect hygiene.

The cutting thickness scales lighted with opening up to 15, or 30 mm (Opt. 6), the automatic sharpenerwith removable grinder, the sliding on ball bearings, and the gears draft, are just few out of the several important solutions for the thorough and efficient operation of the machine.

The Nella/OMCAN slicing machines are made of oxidised aluminium alloy, has the advantage of an easy cleaning and very hygenic. The cutting thickness are from 0 - 15 mm, with a lighted adjusting knob, is very sensitive and allows you an even cut.

The easy and precise sharpening unit makes the work of the user easier by keeping the edge of the blade always sharp.

The carriage running on ball bearings has an exceptional fluency and you can cut always heavy sausage, roast beef, cheese, fish, and hard meat.

MOD 195

Length 10 inches
Width 15 inches
115 Volts - Single phase - 0.2 HP
Blade 195mm / 8 inches


Length 14.5 inches
Width 20 inches
115 Volts - Single phase - 0.35 HP
Blade 275mm / 11 inches

MOD 300

Length 16 inches
Width 24 inches
115 Volts - Single phase - 0.5 HP
Blade 300mm / 12 inches

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