Fresh Pasta Machines
(Home/Restaurant Use)


This professional steel chrom-plated pasta machine prepares a pasta strip of 220 mm in ten different thicknesses. This roller machine is acailable in three different versions: R 220 manual, RM 220 electrical with a monophase motor and RMEV 220 electronic with a d.c. motor for the speed variation. The speed variation makes the use of the raviolli- making attachments possible.

Spagetti .2 mm
Capelli 1.5 mm
Tagliatelle 2.0 mm
Trenette 4.0 mm
Fettuccine 6.5 mm
Lasagnette 12.0 mm

Fresh Pasta Machines
(Commercial Use)

We carry many different types and models of Fresh Pasta Machines. La Pastaia is one of our better brands. These machines will give you great satisfaction in the production of fresh pasta in many various shapes and sizes.

All these Machines are manufactured, tested and checked in compliance with current regulations and bear the CE-trademark.

The TR95 is an average production dough machine. It can produce many different types of pasta by simply changing the die.

TR 110 S

This pasta machine is particularly suitable for production kitchens. Completely made of stainless steel, with bowl cover hopper type, it's ideal to be fed continuously. This machine is equipped with built-in cooling system, complete with pump and control sensor for temperature adjustment. It can produce every type of pasta, even "sfoglia" (sheet) up to a max. width of 28 cm., simply by means of the die changing.

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